My first Illustration project this semester was to create a hybrid digital hand drawn still from a movie. Of course it was obvious to me that the best choice could only be THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Not only because its the best movie ever, but because of how awesome Bruce Willis is. That guy is a Man! a Mans man infact. If one day I turned out to be half the Man that guy is, I would still be two times more manly than is possible to conceive within the confines of the space time continuum! That being said here’s the project in all itspurple glory! Make sure you click for BIG!


fifth element multipass brent illustration cartoon bruce willis mia jovavitch purple 5th element the fifth element


Bonus WALLPAPER SIZE 1280 by 800 : 1280 by 1024


In this assignment we had to trace a movie still with and ink brush, but there as no way i was about to lower myself to tracing standards. So I went ahead and did a nice cartoon of the Multi pass scene. and gave leelo some big sexy eyes. the next part of the assignment was to color it digitally. So I PUMPED UP some pro purples in the Bruce’s face, and used some screen lighting Bloom effect for epic shininess.


gosh I hope this can compete with the filter effect traced screen shots of the Com des Students


Hey wha’ts that thing in the corner? is that THE TAXI CAB? maybe you want that too?

taxi cab 5th element vector taxi brice willis cartoon space taxi the fith element


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