All the Guns

I saved the Best for last here.  this was my all time favorite prop of the episode.  I wanted rick to have a HUGE rocket launcher type weapon.  its got double barrels,  trigger guards and tons of lights!.  I wanted it to have a video game epic’ness to it.  I felt super bad for the story board artists that had to draw this.  I know it was too complicated.  So i drew as many angles as possible to lighten the work load of the animators.  Big thanks to Jack Cusumano and Jason Boesche for coloring this monster.ricks gun

morty gun designweapons

iron bold gun

k micheal


kmicheal card

Holy Crap look at Morty go.  This was a fun rifle to draw,   big thanks to Jack Cusumano and Jason Boesche for the amazing coloring
morty in action

summer gun



cache screenshot

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