All The Space Ships

Do you guys Know who the Gromflamites are?  they are the best Bugs ever,  Seriously I would totally hang out with them.  And I got to draw their Space Military Fleet!  This was a Collaboration with James Mcdermott.  Together we worked to figure out how to design s
pace ships for these bugs,  James wanted the designs to feel like insects,  we started with the small one and sorta made it like a dragon fly.  The best part was getting to see that giant one blow up.


I drew all the stages of the explosion but the effects team at Bardell really did the magic.  watch Morty Night Run to see all of these guys in action.  there is a great chase scene choreographed by director Dominic Polcinogromflamite ship huge


gromflamite ship medium

gromflamite ship





ricks ship weapons

I hope you guys like gears because I got to draw a ton of them.  The gear cop people have the cutest police ships.  I wanted them to feel plasticy and small.  like a model.  Big thanks to Jack Cusumano for coloring these guys!  and Maximus Julius Pauson for designing the gear Cops

gear world ships

Big thanks to Jack Cusumano and Elisa Phillips for coloring this.  and the BG color team for doing an awesome job at designing Zeeps Miniverse.  Carol Wyatt, Hedy Yudaw, Jason Boesche and of course our art director James Mcdermott.

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