A.K.F. Designs

I’ve been working with Andy.   who is a cool dude at Channel 101, to make an animated 5 min pilot.  I think it will be done in flash.  But here are some of the designs I’ve been working on.

akf design 1-01

This was the original design,  But I have been perfecting a turn around

turn around sequence



And Some BG designs.  I wanted to work on a way to make a simple cool looking bg design in just and hour or so.  (these took longer than that,  but with some practice i could speed it up)break room

office interrior


missle room

reverse missle room

test facility



akf sketch

rough turn around

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Archer Girl

I haven’t been drawing in while due to the amount of work recently.  But I finally got around to sketching this out.

archer 3



I wanted to try inking with really thin lines for a change,  and it helped to to work on on some drawing issues I had that were being masked by larger painted lines.


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Star Trek Characters

Ive been working recently with a Producer at Star Trek FF  to do some Character Re imagining.  He wanted me to re work some of the animated Designs into something more my style.  I’ve Only done two so far,  but more is to come.

captain chaseThis is Commander Chase,  He’s like into old enterprise and stuff.

donal colorAnd This is Donal.  she does Borg implant Stuff.

zero colorZero is a cloud!

JAXHere is Jax,  she does science stuff

holdenand Holden!

Check out these cool production assets that are already part of the show.


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Have you seen this show Vikings.  Its kind of like Game of thrones but on the history channel.  Its okay.  I liked the colors and stuff.  Here i Drew some characters from it.vikings history channel ragnar

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Brent and Andrea Trans ‘Merika Semi-World-Warped-Tour 2k13

Going out West. To Cali-forni-Way. Here are some highlights from the drive. Suck it Nebraska. West of the Rockies is where its at.133164_10151176575040836_857970919_o

Welcome to our trip across the U.S.  it was long and tedious.  Here are some highlights.  and some pictures and Videos I took

Day 1 episode 1. Canada has more than 1 road. Infact it has 400


Day 2 episode 2. Snow farmers


Day 2 episode 3. Hotdog shaped cars


Episode 4. Spoon Theory


Day 4. Which road is the mountain ?


Stop and rock


A dessert of snow


Day 6. We have made it out californyway



Okay Now for some Pictures.

Here are some from our stay in Vegas and a Hiking trip in the San Bernadino mountain range.

 When we got to California,  we lived with fellow How it Works Employee Elisa Phillips.  every day was like this.


And Then We went to a Start Trek Cartoon Show.  Here I met other artists who also draw cartoons and the actor who played Odo in Deepspace Nine

Video Here


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