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Clients and Work

 gi jeffWorked as a Prop designer and Animator for a special animated episode of Community, on NBC, I worked under Director Rob Schrab, and Dan Harmon.  Rob and Dan wanted to make a G.I. Joe themed episode.  As a prop designer, I designed tanks, gun, and vehicles from multiple angles as reference for the animators, I also worked with Explosions and and effects.Later in the production I moved to animation. We animated in Adobe Flash CS6 to mimic traditional paper animation. I also worked as an animation revisionist, revising scenes with the main character Jeff to make sure he was on model.

star burns
rick and morty
StarBurns Industries

I was very lucky to be a part of the Rick and Morty team at StarBurns Industries,  where I worked under James McDermott as the shows lead Prop and Effect designer, on for Season 2.  On season 1 I worked under Jason Boesche.  As a character and prop color key artist,  I got to work on the color designs  for vehicles, character backgrounds and other miscellaneous props.

hot wheels
Titmouse IncFreelanced for various titmouse projects including Team Hotwheels, Worked as a Prop Designer under the art direction of Antonio Canobbio and production coordniator Sofia Iffa


How it Works Media is my primary employer,  Our primary product is Animation Explanation Videos,  I am currently The Lead Illustrator for these videos, our team has had the privilege of working for such companies as: StarMap,  MePorter, Grow Vending, The Net Pool, Push Coin and we have even been featured on Fox Business News,
Tilted Chair Creative Is an Austin Based design company, their super creative staff has commissioned me for many custom illustrations for their clients.

Notable Clients Include Whale Shark Media Seton Hostpital, Quake Energy, and JinJin

Kaman’s Art Shoppes is where I got my first start in illustration,  I was a Caricature artist for theme parks in the San Antonio area, the 3 summers I spent Drawing Caricatures has shaped me into the artist I am today.


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