Rick and Morty Color Keys

Hey Guys,  You should be watching Rick and Morty   I worked as a color stylist on a bunch of episodes,  and here are some of the fun characters I got to color.  Top is Rick and Summer when they get all super buff for the DMX montage.  Now I only did the color keys for this,  I cant take credit for the super cool designs and solid turn around,  They were originally drawn by one of the character designers,  Either Carlos Ortega, Zach Bellissimo or Stephanie Ramirez.  And then of course they would have been scrutinized under the expert eye of our Art Director James Mcdermott and Color Supervisor,  Jason Boesche!  anyways,  what i’m saying is.  a lot of people worked on it,  and its somewhat of a pipeline!










here are some background I worked on for episode 108!  We were running late on some stuff so I got to help out with these backgrounds for the Rixty Minutes episode.  the bottom two are from the two brothers sequence,  I was a color artists, So i only did the coloring for these.   I had some help from our amazing color lead Jason Boesche, who took the time to show me exactly what the art direction was.  He really helped show me how the lighting would work for the explosion sequence,  which came out really nice!





These are some more color keys for Episode 108!  I loved working on the gazorpians,  I cant take credit for their color schemes,  that was all planed out by the people before me.  but these guys looked so cool!  I got to color all of those smashed cars from episode 7 which was awesome.  I love vehicles,  and next year I want to be the one designing them.  Also Hampster butt people from Rixty Minutes.  I think the final one was changed a bit to make it feel more 60’s.  which was a good direction for it.


RAM_108_PR_sq08sc085_TwoBrothers_Van_FINAL_CleanBN RAM_108_PR_sq07sc66_EuropeanCar_Rev_FINAL_CleanBN RAM_107_CH_sq05sc055B_GazorpianMale_Grunt03_Rev_Final_CleanBN RAM_107_PR_sq14Asc250E_SmashedCar_Final_CleanBN RAM_108_CH_sq02sc027H_HamsterGroup02_FINAL_CleanBN



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