L.A. Fleet Week

A Battleship Bonanza!

There’s nothing I love more than steel and steam gauges so I was super excited that Fleet Week was coming to the Port of Los Angeles!

All the cool Coast Guard and Navy ships have come to visit LA! I dragged my friends here to see the festivities… and so they could see their tax dollars at work!

Unfortunately we weren’t early enough to get a tour of the current active Navy ships. But we did snag some passes to visit the historic USS Iowa, which is still my all time favorite ship.

Here’s a few photos of the group on the deck. I love the colors of the light reflecting on the metal. it makes for some wonderful portraits!

I love the way the flags look on the cold steel! The flags all communicate something, and are sometimes more effective than modern radio communications!

We even got to see a demonstration of a Coast Guard helicopter rescue mission!

Some more photos of freindssss! Elisa was nice enough to pose with me in front of the legendary 16 inch guns. This was a tough photo to get, there were so many people!

Some cool photos of old technology!

Will hopefully return soon! Though maybe on a less busy weekend!

In 1939, this thig was essentially space ship technology! look at those turrets, Also I kinda like how soft this picture came out!

This was actually the second time we visited, The first was before I owned any sort of camera, So here are some cell phone pics from 2017!

This was for my 28th birthday! a few of my friends from shadow machine and other work colleagues came down to long beach to humor my love of WW2 history!

And once I even got a chance to sketch the interior of the bridge!

She’s a beautiful hunk of steel.