Yosemite Camping 2021

Went to Yosemite National Park with my two friends Chloe and Phoebe! it was a 4 night camping trip and we were lucky enough to get to stay in the Valley at Curry Village, We also stayed a Hotsprings, and saw Devils Post Pile. Much Wine was had by all, Here are some of the Highlights.

Hot Springs Campsite!

The first two nights were spent at Benton hot springs!

Devils Post Pile

Then we Saw The Devils Post Pile in Mammoth

Yosemite Valley!

Finally two nights in Yosemite valley where we hiked the 4 mile trail and saw amazing views of Half Dome! it was almost 10 miles round trip! I got some Ice cream at Glacier Point.

made it to the top!

Took an extra day off work for this but totally worth it!