Joshua Tree 2021

The Discord group took a trip to Joshua Tree and 29 Palms this weekend for few days of Mario kart and National Parks!

The first night/day was spent making food, and mucking about, Jack brought a loaf of Rice Krispy treats that he made. Chloe and Max enjoyed the pool!

There was plenty of candy and video games for every one, A whole bag of ring pops and car shaped waffles. Justin, Jack, Gabe and April had a super Monkey ball tournament.

Then we went into the park, I have a national parks pass so our car got in for free! First stop was Skull Rock!

Next we headed over to Barker Dam, I made Chloe drive on a bumpy dirt road, but the trail was worth it.

We found the dam!

The Group looks out over the majestic desert!

On the way Back we saw some Petroglyphs!

And finally caught up with wilder who had been drawing the whole time!