A Hollyween Night

This year for Halloween, we piled into Chloe’s beautifully vintage 1 bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Every one Dressed up!

Photos before the Mayhem!

These Lovely lads wore matching dresses

As the night progressed, things got a bit crazier

We played with the LED light that I brought

Some close ups of every one

Gabe tried to draw on Chloe’s cintiq and Jack filled a watering can with M&M’s

Unsuspecting of the debauchery taking place in the next room, Chloe gets lost in the foliage

There was quite a mess to pick up afterwards but Jack made himself into a human vacuum cleaner and started work right away on the spilt M&M’s. And like a headless baby bird left at your doorstep, on the right is the present Justin left for Chloe.