A Texas Christmas

This year I booked a trip to San Antonio For Christmas.

The clouds were just clearing up over a recent rain and the Burbank airport never looked so pretty.

Christmas eve was spent visiting with my families, On my dads side the newest addition is Gigi, the very wooly white dog.

The First part of Christmas day was spent learning to ride a mountain bike, Gifted to little Steven, by my brother. I stole it for a few minutes to get these funny shots.

Then we headed over to the Salyards residence for a plastic covered dining experience.

Not pictured is the thermostat, which was set to 87 degrees.

The next day. my dad took us down south of san Antonio to Gary’s ranch for a day of shooting.

My brothers bright red Miata is very striking. although it couldn’t quite fit my luggage so I had to hold on to it in the passenger seat as we drove down 410

My dad Gifted me a Vintage Cannon AE-1, a lovely film camera which I got to use at the San Antonio Zoo. (those pictures are still developing so for now here are some taken with my a6400)

The San Antonio zoo is still absolutely charming. I was especially excited to see the Ant Eater who came out to visit as soon as I walked up. but the best photo goes to the leopard who came up to lick the glass just as we were leaving!

I monopolized the viewing area to grab this shot.

The phoenix airport looked stunning in the morning. I love the concrete and all the tiny baggage cars moving about the tarmac.

This was the first photo set that I developed completely in Lightroom. Prior to this I would sort of just take some of the unprocessed jpgs from the camera and do only some slight touch ups to a few .ARW’s in photo shop. but learning to use Lightroom has opened up a whole new world of processing.