A Topanga Christmas

This weekend the discord group took a trip out to Topanga to celebrate the holiday season mid century style

We stayed in a lovely Cabin in the hills! there was even a piano!

I Brought my news (old) Vintage lens a Helios 44-2 58mm and attached it to my a6400. The results were stunningly soft.

How ever, the problem with vintage lenses, and I suppose DLSR’s in general is that you can’t expect any one to be able to take a picture of you in focus.

an entire generation of kids who can only use iphone cameras!

A white Elephant gift exchange was had, I got some pajamas, Max got a double sided jerk off toy that sprays water at you, and Chloe got a Retroid 2!

which every one got a chance to play with!


Candid shots of everyone! including Goth April!

We got every one in for a group picture!

The night descended into a photo session with LED lights. I took out my 35mm Prime lens for this

Jack is excited and scared over his present

The morning after!