Canon Ae-1 Program

The first good set photos!

I got the the first (good) set of photos back from the lab this week from my Canon Ae-1 Program! I did shoot a roll of expired film on it over christmas but the results were awful. These were taken on Portra 400

These photos came back pretty small so next time I would like to get them processed larger or by a different lab. I got these done at Cam photo in Burbank who uses Swan Labs I think?

I pushed these photos a bit in light room with some presets, but the colors came out very nice!

Focusing on this camera is really difficult. There were more than a few shots that I was certain had perfect focus with the split prism that still came out blurry. I’m actually still not totally sure if the aperture works on the Quantary Lens, so more testing needs to be done. But so far I love this camera!