Tamron 17-70mm

My Christmas present to myself this year was new Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 lens to replace the 16-50 kit lens from Sony. I found myself mostly shooting with the kit lens so it was time to drop in a replacement that didn’t have a variable aperture. I really wanted the extra range too over something like the sigma 18-50. It is a big boy though.

This lens will hopefully stay on the camera 90% of the time, It is wide enough to use for my streaming set up, but also zoom’y enough to get some lovely focal lengths. I think I much prefer 35-70-ish ranges outside. (APS-C so that’s 50-105)

I also got a new (old) camera that I am excited to try out! A Canon AE-1 Program gifted to me by my dad! Hopefully the roll I shot on it last week wont be a muddy mess! Here is a nice macro shot I took of it with the Tamron

The Tamron minimum focusing distance is really close so it makes a wonderful pseudo macro lens.