A New Deal for Animation

Today the Animation Union Held a Rally to gather support for our New Deal! It’s time to renegotiate contracts with the studios and every one turned out in hopes to improve working conditions in animation

Story artists are dire need of a better contract!

The Turn out was HUGE!

Inspiring speeches, none of which I can remember from the chaos of taking photos.

an array of colorful signage.

Shrek sign is my favorite!

Terri Cusamano advocating for better pay for animation paint and color design

One key issue at the table is the movement to include production workers in the animation guild, Rick and Morty, and Solar Opposites shows up with tons of signs about supporting production crew members. Anthony gave a Rousing speech

Elisa and Teddy have been helping to organize RnM and Solar Production unionizing!

And the whole crew gathered for a huge photo,

Also snapped two photos of Kyle and Doug with the NEW Canon Lens! and they came out great!