A roll of Film at the Reservoir

Today I took a walk around the Hollywood Reservoir with my Cannon Ae-1 Program.

All though some of the pictures are certainly interesting, this batch came out fairly yellow and under exposed I think. I believe its time to retire this Quantary Lens in favor of OEM Canon lens. I realized that the shutter was stuck and was always taking photos wide open at f3.5. And I believe it is turning the images brown.

I like the vintage look of these, but I found it fairly difficult to white balance and color correct these images. I’m still not certain weather its the film or possibly the lab, or the fact that I’m mailing in the rolls of film because I’m too lazy to drive to the Icon.

Hollywood isn’t really teal and brown, but this camera certainly does make it look that way

Love that art deco curve!

Slightly more realistic colors here, and for once I managed to stand in the light.