The Icon

For this roll of film I decided to mail of my cannister to the Icon LA, I didn’t want to have to drive to Melrose so for a few bucks extra they let you mail it in with a prepaid postage stamp.

The processing they did was wonderful but I think there was something up with either the film or possibly the lens filter. I found these photos to be slightly more sepia toned than the last roll I took which I had processed at the That One Photo Lab. For this entire roll I shot without the UV filter. I think maybe the UV filter did something more natural to the colors? but I’m not quite sure. I’ll do my next batch in Glendale just to be sure.

The Flowers, Meters and the Ocean I think are my favorites. The colors just came out so interesting. I love the old Ford a well but I wish there wasn’t the hatchback in front of it. I couldn’t get around it to take a better shot.

I think I would Also like to purchase a 50mm FD lens for this camera. Or just some sort of official cannon zoom lens. Right now the depth of preview button still doesn’t work And I have a feeling the multicoat on this old quaternary lens is giving me un natural colors. It’s nothing I cant adjust in light room, but I would prefer to getter better colors straight outa camera.