Canon 30-70mm F4 Lens

Test Shots from The New (old) Lens

I finally got a new lens for this bad boy! I’m all but certain at this point that the Quantaray lens was yellowed and that the shutter was stuck, but this 1979 30-70 f4 seems to be working great!

Took it around Burbank and Malibu last weekend to see how it works!

Burbank isn’t really this teal, but I love the bright pastel blues so I add that in Lightroom Its based on a Dunna Did it Filter.

It really does something to these charming old buildings.

Then I took a roll to Malibu Creek State Park to catch some of the rolling hills. The hills aren’t really orange, All these photos are the same color as the green one, but they certainly looked cool with the Lightroom preset on it, so I went with it.

The Mash Site is my favorite, They got a cool old ambulance out there, and some even say it looks like Korea.

And the last two here are straight from the lab with no corrections applied. I do like how the colors come out naturally, but I cant help but add a bit more.