Jack’s Birthday

The weather is getting better and Jack is turning 28, so the discord group set out for the old LA zoo for a little picnic party! I brought both my cameras! I started off with the Canon Ae-1P This would be the first roll shot with the new 30-70mm lens. The colors I got were much better!

The sunlight only burns for a moment on this group of terminally online nerds.

Liana Grilled up some hot dogs on a little propane stove, while max and Kevin shot each other with Lasers

Justin is always laughing at something

The guns were a bit finnicky but Kevin was quite a shot, and blasted his way to victory.

The piñata was appropriately themed for this group of Nintendo fan boys

As the light was dimming I got 2 last shots of Wilder and Max

There was a random model that showed up that people were taking pictures of! I walked over and got one of her, and then an accidental double exposure of her over Max and Dee.

The light was getting darker, so I pulled out the digital camera for the last few shots!

People got all dizzy and attempted to smack Mario

Then people tried on the severed head of Mario, and Jack got to make out with his true love.