A Day at the Zoo : 2022!

Today I took the DLSR out to the LA Zoo. I haven’t been here in over a year and with a camera lens with this kind of length! it was great to be able to finally optically zoom past the fences and get closer to the animals! and the Anteater was here this time!

The seal posed for me while I fumbled with the film camera!

And the Flamingos got into a tiff with each other while the Mira cats kept a look out.

I love how tall the vegetation is. there is so much vertical foliage at the Zoo, you ca never tell where you are!

The Tamron lens still isn’t as close as I would like, but I was able to shoot over the crowds and get these nice full body shots of the elephants and zebras!

And there were so many wonderful Giraffes comin out to munch on some branches!

A ruler for scale!

I never usually get good pictures of the monkeys! But here are a few chillin out for every one to see! I also got some pictures with my film camera! so hopefully those will turn out good!

Ahh and at long last I meet the Ant Eater. He was scarfing down a big bowl of ants behind that log. occasionally lookin up at the crowd to flick his tongue!