Justin’s Golden Bowl!

Today was Justin’s last day at Rick and Morty, so a group of us work friends decided to go out and celebrate with a bowling ball sized bang.

The man himself, Although he is quite funny in real life and full of laughter, will never smile on purpose for the camera.

Our first stop was Golden Road Brewery, which as you can see was packed full of drunk adults and tiny screaming children. The wait was over an hour for the table, but we managed to snag a sweet standing table that was in the dog parking section. The nachos were amazing!

Justin’s parting gift was a Minion themed crotched *ahem* sleeve, Hand stitched by some poor artist on Esty. Justin un-ironically likes drawing crude disgusting depictions of the despicable yellow creatures, so the sleeve was fitting.

After enough IPA’s we decided to continue the party at Pickwick Bowling alley!

Kari poured some of the lightest beer I ever tasted. And Justin took control of the Bowling terminal to rename me something special.

It took him a few minutes to fat finger the keyboard. But he eventually christened me “Chode Sploder”!

Everybody threw balls and occasionally we hit some pins! I got to use the high drive setting on my camera to get action shots of Elisa throwing a ball down the lane.

A few random shots of the group being lit by the cosmic lights.

Justin had been demanding that we turn the bumpers on the whole night, but no one could figure out how. So finally Kyle found the dinosaur ball shoot, and Justin and Ant had a go at it.

I asked Kari to test the lighting so she jumped on Elisa and made a face that she forbid me from posting. And then Ant Posed with the Minion Sleeve

And then we took a cool group shot that had some amazingly accidental cinematic lighting!