Skatin’ in Burbank!

After Fleet week I had a little bit of Film left on a roll of Porta 400. So I took my Canon AE-1P out to the LA Kings Burbank Sports center to do some outdoor rink skating!

Round and round we go! The coordinator of this event is Gen Wolf! Gen has a put a little community together of prospective animators in LA called Sketchtoons. It is also a discord group full of nerds, my favorite! Anyways, here’s some photos of Gen and Max!

Here Gen is looking Stylish in their quads. I want to get me some quad skates too but its so hard to find cool looking ones in size 12!

Made a few new skating friends here as well! Here is griffin Cathy and yours truly!

and then there were a few more photos left on the role so here is some more of Burbank. I like this empty basketball court.

And this cute car that was being framed by the palm trees. I thought it looked cool with the dingbat apartment building behind it.