Travel Town with Ilana

Travel Town Train Museum in Griffith park is one of my most favorite places in all of LA. Big metal steam powered trains!?!? Count me in! And Ilana wanted to come too! She had been talking about taking photos together for a while now and nothing says photo op like a century year old boiler on rails!

This is like Valhalla but for Locomotives!

Ilana was more than happy to stand in direct sunlight for several minutes while I fiddled with the camera to get these photos. She specifically wore the blue dress for these photos!

Ilana posed for a few more photos, but then she decided it was her turn to use the camera. I only gave her a quick demo. but she took to it immediately and started snapping away…as if there wasn’t a film shortage!

Ilana is a fast learner! These photos are great! but I think I need some better poses, and I should probably take my phone out of my pocket before going on camera.

They also have trains too at travel town! I wish I knew more about them, but they are a little bit less documented than something like the USS Iowa.

Here’s some of Ilana spinning around on the tracks! Originally these photos came out kind of bright, I think they were a bit over exposed. But I was able to dial down the highlights a bit in Lightroom and recapture some of those colors. Fujicolor 200 does not have quite the same resilience as porta 400, but its pretty nice for the money. I think a single roll of porta is now 30$ where as you can get 3 rolls of Fuji 200 for that price.

After that we went on a hike around the mountain, and let me tell you it was really god damn hot! The film doesn’t really capture how hard we were sweating, which is a nice feature! But we were both drenched.

We walked along the road to get back to the car, and on the way I saw some fun construction equipment. And then Ilana turned around to ask me a question that almost made me drop the camera!