Chloe’s Big Sur Trip

2 months ago I received a google invite from my good friend Max informing me that Chloe was planning a Big Sur trip. Whether it was actually a trip planned by Chloe, or a mere ruse by Max to get more people to attend, I will never know. What I can confirm is that 9 people packed themselves into cars and drove them selves 300 miles up the California coast to see one of the most prestigious areas of natural beauty our state has to offer.

The first part of the journey consisted of a very hot trek though the most arid parts of California, up past Bakersfield. I love getting to see the LA aqueducts, although the are quite dry these days.

They we stopped at the Madonna inn for some tacky Americana and sandwiches.

We’ve arrived to a coastal paradise!

The first evening was spent at the Big Sur inn! We relaxed to the sight of the sun setting! And every one got to try the precarious hammock!

I also brought my 35mm Canon Ae-1p to take some lovely film photos on some Fuji Superia 400!

Next We enjoyed a very fancy meal at Nepenthe. Chloe tried to avoid the camera, while Kevin and Max played with fire!

Even though we were absolutely stuffed from the night before. The next morning we got up and made a big breakfast. Max and Dee made fancy Bacon and Radishes while I walked around outside looking for photo ops. Chloe humored me and took this picture of me in the bathtub. Also I saw a cool lizard chillin on a wood pile.

Here are some film photos of the foliage and morning too!

Then some of us headed out to Partington Cove! But not before stopping off at the big sur bakery where I lost my wallet!

Was waiting for a Pirate Galleon to come sailing out from behind those rocks.

Jack and Chloe marveled at the pristine water!

We saw a sea anemone and plenty of good splashes! Then I switched over to my film camera!

The water looked great on 35mm! and I managed to snap this splash without getting splashed myself.

Although they had previously gone missing, Daren, Kevin and Julie caught up with us, and Daren was nice enough to take a few photos of me with the 40 year old camera! Julie also posed for a photo in which she insisted showing off her vertical leg abilities. I wish I was that flexible.

Then we hiked over to a nice shady spot and hung out with the redwoods! Daren found a cool tree to hang out in!

The tree branches merged into a magical vignette and the lighting was surreal. So I handed my camera to Chloe who then took my favorite picture of the trip! I call it “nap time”.

some additional Brent’s, vegetation and dog for you.

after our somewhat leisurely hike. (and after finding my wallet) We spent some time in the hot tub! I loved this photo of Kevin with his glistening wine glass and reflections.

After Max explained what accidental renaissance means to Phoebe. I took the most accidental renaissance photo of him holding pony’s leash

I don’t know why I like this photo so much it just screams 80’s vacation vibes.

Jack showed Phoebe how to play date night, and Dee posed for some photos!

The next morning we were greeted by a misty marine layer, Kevin, Max and Dee stood around in the light ocean breeze while I snapped away. It wasn’t long though before the sun burned off the visiting cloud though and things began to clear up.

Then we decided to press our luck and hike down to the private beach. Its about an 800 foot drop in elevation and fairly steep set of switch backs. I got a little overzealous and decided to bring both the cameras AND a tripod.

But it was worth it for these shots! I got to use the self timer for a fun group photo and took the most Baywatch picture of Daren on the pristine white sandy beaches.

Slow motion jiggling

Sadly After a sweaty 45 minute hike back up it was time to leave! Max headed off to Hearst Castle while our car took a slow drive down the coast. We stopped at this cute gas station and saw/smelled the elephant seals.

Goodbye Big Sur! I’ll miss your sheer cliffs and breezy oceans mists. Maybe we will see each other next year!