Pool Fight!

Summer is in full swing here in Burbank with temperatures soaring into the 90’s most days, but luckily Kendra and Clay are very generous with the pool parties. Last Saturday a few of us gathered together for a day wet and wild summer time fun. Kendra greased up the slide for us.

The slide, although not technically legally to build currently, was grandfathered into operating status, and is the correct way to enter the pool.

I went down a couple of times to get these perfect shots, taken by Emily.

On the other side of the pool, people cooled down with refreshing beers.

Some folks also enjoyed a sparkling wine courtesy of Ilana!

POV, you are me trying to take a candid picture of your friend with a 40 year old camera.

After much boozing it was time to ride the inflatable chickens to determine who would become champion of the pool. In the two years I’ve been attending these pool skirmishes, I don’t think Clay has ever been defeated. Probably because he owns the pool.

In a moment of bravery(?) Justin headed off against Nick…

and died in a water grave. He was never seen again.

I do love a giant concrete hole filled with water. Thank you Clay and Kendra for hosting and letting us apartment dwellers bask in the waters of your mid century backyard paradise.