Switzer Falls

On a Hot day in early August, Ilana and I felt like exploring one of my favorite hiking spots in the Angeles forest. I brought my Canon AE-1 hoping to capture some of the local flora and fauna.

Switzer Falls trail is a pretty reasonable hike about 30 minutes away from Burbank where your trek down through a tree covered valley and eventually reach a small watering hole. There are also plenty of picnic spots for people to do some outdoor grilling. Or maybe just bring some concert sized blue tooth speakers.

It’s dryer than ever these days, so the little stream was trivial to traverse as we made our way to the rock pool.

I splashed in the water for a bit and Ilana got to dip her feet in. Despite the blazing heat, the pool was cool and refreshing.

Hopefully one day it rains again. There’s barely any falls in “Switzer Falls”