Manhattan Beach

The Death of Chillbro Baggins

Today we celebrated Chloe’s actual birthday at Manhattan beach. Max planned a late afternoon trip to a spot just south of LAX where we could lie in the sand and watch the sun go down. We were treated to chips, cake and a few cargo container ships.

I was determined to take a picture of the classic pacific lifeguard hut regardless of how many trashcans would be in the shot.

Cooper brought Chillbro Baggins, an inflatable cushion of air that makes for great party time chilling.

However, today we decided to test the limits of Chillbro’s plastic seams and see if he would also work as a launch platform in the same way that an inflatable water blob works.

The first launch was a complete success. Cooper got at least 6 inches of air as Max slammed his entire body weight into the unsuspecting plastic bag.

One more success seemed to prove the reliability of the launch system. How ever it was not to last…

Disaster struck as Kevin slammed himself into Chillbro. A deafening pop was heard around the beach as Phoebe was blasted with Chillbro’s final breath. Kevin and Cooper sank into the deflating dead body of our once airtight friend. Pour one out for the greatest party bag of all time.

The rest of the beach trip was without incident. We share a few beers, bags of chips, had sparkling water, and some one even brought a cake. Jack also played a game of chess.

But the light was going down so I had only a few minutes to capture the sunset.

I liked the way the cargo ships were silhouetted against the pink sky.

And one last view of the pier. Pictures of this event were rather sparse, because of the amount of light available. But afterwards we refilled the parking meters and got some wonderful sushi. And no one got a parking ticket (as far as I know).