Dad Day at the Park

A common fear among people my age is that at some point they will transform into their own parents. But maybe going full dad mode has its advantages. It can be liberating once you no longer care what people think of you. So a a big group of us Millennials and Gen Z’ers went down to Griffith park to pretend to be our dads.

The entire event was set up by my friend Charlie (seen here) and the goal was to put on our best dad themed outfits, cook some weenies, and drink some very dad themed beer.

The taste of freedom is indeed sneaking a red, white and blue Bud Light into a public park. Sorry officer, I guess I’m just a true American.

We play games, Attempted to tie ties, and even tried to give each other dad themed advice.

Some ones prompt for Dad advice was “Your kid wants to go to school for… ART”. How would YOU respond?

And here is every one sporting their best Dad attire. Except me…the true dad…behind the film camera…taking a photo with his dads 45 year old Canon AE-1 and making every one wait for me to get the exposure right. Which was rather difficult on this roll of Ecktar 100.