Katie’s Halloween Party

The Shuttle Flies Again!

After two weeks of crafting with cardboard, my little space shuttle was finally ready for its first mission. My good friend Katie was hosting a Halloween party on the 22nd. So all of animators piled into her backyard for a night of costume contests and booze.

Here’s what my complete costume looked like. I suppose the orange jump suit is both the External tank and an astronaut.

My friend Reza who also shoots film, provided the music for the venue, and Drew got people ready for the costume contest!

There was Food too! LARiceFlower provided some lovely fusion tacos! I had five! And Chloe dressed up as Oblina!

Soon it was time for Drew and Katie to announce the winners of the costume contest! Honorable mention went to the blurry Eye of Sauron, Sexy warrior won the funniest and Chloe won best costume! I probably could have gotten less blurry pictures but I didn’t think to change the shutter setting!

Here are a few more costumes! Kali went as herself. and then we had a classic Laura Dern and a drinking Rabbit!

Chloe met her work friend Julia, and they posed under the Persimmon tree!

Justin, Gabe and Jack were there. And Justin of course was the iconic Min – EE – On.

Then we all posed for a group photo and Jack decided to lift me up! I thought for sure this would be the moment the shuttle got squished. but my friends handled me with care.

Then some one got the bright idea to pluck a Priscilla fruit from the tree and smack it into Justin’s mouth. He gobbled it up like a hungry minion, but it was vile and made his mouth taste like dry mush (I think they weren’t ripe yet) We just danced it off though

Chloe made Oblina’s eyes out of pipe cleaners so we had to test the springiness. Meanwhile I was fairly sure the shuttle was ridged enough to withstand some light dancing, So I grooved away!

You can see some of the inner construction of the shuttle that helps keep it solid. It has several supporting bulkheads inside.

There’s a lot of talent here. I feel like most the the animation community was at this party!

And then people began to grow very very tired. a group collapsed in the Halloween and Katy and Drew slow danced. Thank you so much for throwing this party Katy! it was a huge hit!