Lightbox Expo 2022!

Lightbox was back in person this year at the Pasadena Convention Center! And Max and I were there representing BaM Animation, selling our coffee, tea, mugs and prints!

Here are some photos of our little booth. Max designed the coffee bags, and I designed the tea boxes. We spent a very rough 3 days at this little table greeting fans of our channel. It was nice to see BaM fans in the wild.

The Convention itself is very well run in a very pretty part of Pasadena. I didn’t get to walk around much but I did manage to get a few shots of the exterior where all the animation fans were gathered around the big yellow letters.

There was a cool white wall where artists could collaborate on a giant mural!

And there were plenty of cool things to look at included a new 120hz Cintiq, (which is something I would love to have myself) and some cool Chris Sanders models.

There were some new mascots this year as well! Here they are lighting up the way to the procreate party!

I took some pictures of our friends waiting in line out side the party.

The procreate party was really nice! They gave us a few drink tickets and let us wander around in this cool neon room. Things started off slow, but got much more lively as the free alcohol flowed.

Here are a few pictures of my friends posing on the pink light up seats!

There was some really tasty hors d’oeuvre’s and plenty of loud music.

Then I found fellow youtuber Ethan Becker and convinced some one to take a picture of us.

There was actually a photo booth, but those pictures are lost now, So instead I positioned my camera near the light stands and got this crazy picture of one of the procreate employees.

The lights started to shift to pink and then red as people got crazy and danced! We were all very tired, and very drunk, but we danced anyways.

The next day we were swamped as ever, but I did manage to step away from our booth for a few minutes. I visited my friend Gen at their booth and walked around with Charlie. I had to sort of skim the convention floor very quickly because there just wasn’t enough time to look at everything.

This year I tried to manage our expenses and inventory much more methodically. We did actually turn a small profit from our print sales! so all in all, Lightbox was a success! Hope to see every one again next year!