Friendsgiving at Gen’s!

Turkey Time is here, and that means its time for casserole collaboration between friends. This year I went to my friend Gen’s for a fun night of food games and of course, drinks. I brought a Zucchini caprese casserole and my famous Hot Wassail!

Gen’s new house is pretty big so there was room for lots of tables and and hanging out! Some people sat a kids table, and others hung out by the video game area.

Here are a few of the attendees, Fernando, Amanda, Nikki and of course, It’s Fuggin’ Matt!

Every one was nice enough to pose for a photo when I shoved the lens in their face.

A few more photos of every one havin’ a good time!

The potatoes were so good! This is just one of the friends giving’s I’m going to! And it was a great success! I didn’t eat to much or get too sick. But there is one more event I’m going to Saturday night so there is still time to overeat/overdrink!