Friendsgiving Part 2

For people that stay in LA for the holidays, a proper Friendsgiving is an annual tradition. This year we doubled up on food and friends by piling into Jackson’s mom’s apartment for round two.

People showed up around 5:30 and slowly started putting the food and drinks together.

I brought a SECOND Zucchini Casserole and I believe the stuffing was Kari’s magic.

Speaking of stuffing here, is Kari, Elisa and Julian stuffing their face!

Some one took a photo of me. “haha great picture! Well meme’d my friend”

Then we all tried to play a board game!

Jackson drew bacon and eggs blindfolded, and I think we won this round.

Afterwards people continue drinking and telling stories, and same became a muse.

And then we started harassing the dog. Whelp that’s all for friends giving 2022, the four days went by so fast, but hopefully every one got enough stuffing. I went home with a plate of the stuff and gorged myself the next day too!