Justin’s Halloween Madness

My friend Justin is now the second person of our friend group to adventure into the grandeur of home ownership. And with that comes the coveted responsibility of throwing backyard parties. And no better time than Halloween!

I set up a photo booth in his backyard for us to take pictures throughout the night.

The night started out tame enough. It was pretty cold so Seb only supported his shirtless getting over it costume for the beginning of the evening.

Then Max, Dee and I all took photos.

Chloe was back with her award winning Oblina costume, and Jack showed up with his surprise Beaker costume.

Justin put on his “Gru” mask and Will showed his appreciation for his favorite minion supervillain.

Kari arrived some where around this time, and brought a ton of props for us to pose with.

More props started to come out. Will adorned Justin with some lovely lays, while Kari got crazy with the glasses. (she hates this photo)

And then we found the guns, This plastic 1911 was really convincing, Convincing enough for Max and I to take a “family photo”

“Bless Our family”

Then Jack tried to devour his own sun like some sort of Saturn god.

Elisa brought some sort of keyblade, and her patch jacket. I don’t know if it is a specific costume, but it certainly is very “Elisa”.

Kari and Sam got into the fake money, and Sam attempted to slink away inconspicuously with a giant burlap sack with dollar sign on it. (we don’t know if he was caught).

And so concludes the last major Halloween event. We had a blast and luckily out of the 500 photos that were taken, I got these 30 that were at least not terribly incriminating as to the true nature of our debauchery.