Brand Park at Sunset

The late afternoon sun sets on the Brand Park Library. Don’t let the calmness of this picture fool you. I was one of many photographers that day swarming the area. Most people were taking their tinder profile pics though, while I was trying to capture the architecture on my Canon AE-1.

Capturing the light at golden hour is tough. You only have 15 minutes or so of the best lighting of the day. Luckily my friend Max and I happened to take a walk at the perfect time to capture the light hitting brand park. It was turning everything golden! It was beautiful in person, but I had no idea how it would turn out on film. Luckily with some Lightroom pushing I was able to sort of recreate the ambiance.

I really liked the way the light was hitting these houses on the walk up the hill. I had to push all these in light room a bit. but I think this captures what they sort of looked like at 4:30

A few days later the Rick and Morty crew decided to have a park lunch and we revisited the same spot. You can really see the difference in the colors. The time of day really does change the entire atmosphere and mood of a place. I had to pull back the highlights on these quite a bit or else the images just went straight to white immediately.

My favorite place at brand park is the Japanese tea garden, It’s only open on weekdays! so you have to make a point of taking your lunch there for a little picnic.

Here is another one of my favorite parks in Burbank, This is Ralpfoy Park, and that’s Max, getting his eyeball licked by a dog!

I’m still obsessed with the water treatment center behind the park. I’m learning more about it. I’m pretty sure The Burbank Operation Unit (BOU) cleans the ground water toxins left over by good ol’ Lockheed!

And here are just a few more Burbank shots to finish out the roll. These were taken at about 4:30 ish I was finally able to capture 500 E olive avenue in a way that did it justice. Its a really nice grid building that looks striking when the sun hits it.