Rick and Morty Christmas Party!

After a long stressful year we finally finished Season 6 of Rick and Morty! And to thank us, the studio threw a super cool party at the LA Zoo. With open bars, Celebrities’, and cool fortune cookies for every one! Also Two roaming photographers, Jessie Gray, who is A professional one, and then a very ameture yours truly. So some of these pictures are hers, and some are mine.

My friend Santana was my plus one, and we then met up with Gen, Kari, Daniel and Elaine, to make our way inside. The zoo was all lit up with cool light sculptures!

Once inside we were treated to drinks and free fortunes! I asked the fortune teller if I should start taking flight lessons, and she gave me some good advice!

Here are the fortune cookies in their cool packaging!

Then Dan gave a drunken and inspiring speech!

Then we all had a merry time and drank together!

I got a little too tipsy and tried to take a selfie with Dan and Jack!

there were lots of other fun people at the party too!

And amazing food!