50th Annie Awards!

This Saturday was the annual Annie awards ceremony, which is kind of like the Emmy’s, but for animation!

A Small rick and morty group went since we were nominated for best in the “Mature Animation” Category

I got to meet a personal hero, and nominee for Best Children’s animated show. Dana Terrace, who is of course the show runner of the Owl House.

Here are some people from Bojack, and Tucca and Bertie!

And here are a bunch of design leads from rick and Morty packed into one photo.

Carol used her high charisma to sneak us onto the red carpet.

And I took a blurry selfie with Elisa

Here’s the big auditorium, I got one picture of my friends, and then they made me check my camera in the coat area. So I don’t have any photos of the actual event.

I loved this photo of Ant. and on the left we also Albro and Scott looking sharp in their tuxedos.

Here are a few more photos of the after party, which was the same as the before party. Except that moer people were there including James

And then we watched Tom Kenny’s band perform some cool retro tunes!