A Visit to Springville

This weekend we visited my friend Andrew in Springville! It’s about a 2 hour drive north of here in a scenic valley. Andrew and Amber live in this house on top of their art store.

Inside they have sort of a consignment stored filled with cool art from other artists!

There is a cute little burger joint next-door with this vintage sign I really liked

The town is very pretty and surrounded by tall rolling hills. I was really glad I brought my film camera to capture it on.

We got to hang out on the roof which was really nice. This was actually a staged hangout. We had gone up on the roof earlier that day, but I forgot to load film into my Canon AE-1. So I asked the group if they wouldn’t mind going up for 15 more minutes to try and recapture those movements.

Melanya revealed that she also had a Canon AE-1, so she took a photo of the group. And Max got one of me on the hammock!

And here is every one just chillin’ in the “morning”!