DreamHack 2023!

This year I got a chance to go to Dreamhack with my friend Santana! Dreamhack is sort of like a giant LAN party with extra nerd stuff stacked on top! There are Cosplayers, Esporter’s and lots of cool booths!

Here is my friend Santana and Vii! and it was my job to take photos of them and film interviews for a weekend!

Santana was a host on the Mario voice actor panel.

I also got a chance to walk around the convention floor and watch people play Counter Strike 2. I love that this game is still going strong, and of course it was sponsored by the Air Force booth! A lot of people brought their own computers so the only real game I got a chance to play was a bean toss game with Vii. Here she is trying to hit a clown.

I’m a big fan of the architecture here so I also spent some time just taking pictures of the buildings. I really like this one of the train going by!

You can visit San Diego by train, but I drove this time since I had to bring all my camera equipment and get there in a hurry!

Here are all the people from the cosplay corner!

The TiKToking and vertical video was nonstop. I really liked this image of Mariah sneaking in to the back of this photoshoot.

Here’s me behind the camera filming an interview with the God of War Cast.

I was only there for a couple of days, but we managed to take some time to get some shots of just our team as the sun was setting.

Here’s’ Santana, Vii and I trying to look directly into the sunset while keeping our eyes open.