KWHP – Taking off from Whiteman Airport!

Just a few minutes north of Burbank lies SoCal’s best kept secret in general aviation. This tiny Airport is home to the The Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations unit is based at Barton Heliport, and a number of Civil Patrol Units, It is also where I have enrolled in flight school at Vista Air.

Don’t you just love planes designed before the moon landing?

Here is one of the planes I fly! November 26504. My flight lessons are usually at 8 am, and the planes are very thirsty in the morning. So here is the fuel guy providing some much needed avgas to the the thirsty Cessna’s

On the left is my instructor Ethan, He is great and I have been really enjoying learning from him. He also took an interest in my film camera and got a shot of me as well. Sadly this will be the last photo from this lens. as I realized I have put a major scratch directly in the center of my beloved FDn 35-105. so that is why the center of the pictures are slightly blurry. Don’t worry though because I have a new one on the way.

Here is another plane I fly! N19688, I believe she is a 1972 L Model.

And she is a little bit different because her speed is measure in miles per hour and not Knots! Somewhat confusing!

And here is the actual school! As well as a row of school planes! Vista aviation is a small school but they do have quite a lot of 172 trainers and so far we have never been without a plane!