Portraits at Sketchtoonz

Last Saturday, my friend Gen asked me to take some portraits of people at our Sketchtoonz meetup. I just got a new Canon FDn 35-105 so I wanted to try it out!

Here is the whole group hanging out under our classic tree.

My friend Adriane brought a reflector and we lit people with some fun golden colored light. Here is Zing doing a great job at blinding people! and Adriene Shooting with his manual lens and Sony A7.

The first bunch of people were sort of standing in front of the crowd. The new lens I had was stuck at F3.5 so it did a good job of blurring out the background!

Here are some portraits of the group admins. I really like the ones of Fernando here. And I’m getting a little bit better at taking vertical photos. Im finally able to almost frames people’s heads correctly.

And this is probably the best group shot I’ve ever taken, I stepped way back for this one and Adriane blinded every one with the reflector, but it was totally worth it for this super flattering soft fill light. These were all taken with Ektar 100, and developed at the Darkroom!

Here is Santana in her wonderfully vintage outfit! And some one whos dog I cant remember the name of!