A Pirate Dinner Adventure!

It’s only one week till the Ren Faire but our group could not wait to have a swash buckling good time! So we all headed down to Anaheim to watch the crazy pirate show!

Here’s every one before the show. You could also pay 50$ to get your picture taken, but my DSLR is free.

Once we were inside we got seated around the Boat/Stage and cheered on our Orange Pirate!

Here he is in all his rippling glory!

There was lots of theatrics and sword fights and fun sound effects!

Kari and Hellen got to participate! they pulled on some ropes to raise a flag or something! I cant really remember because the show was all over the place and moved pretty fast!

Then a Pirate won and we saw splashes of water from the mysterious leviathan!

I think we all got some treasure booty too! I love the lighting on the set here. everything was so well put together!

And we all got a photo with the Orange Pirate! Except me because these event are always a bit to crazy to hand off my huge camera to some one.