Renaissance Fair 2023!

The Renaissance Pleasure faire is back in town! and of course, as is tradition, we had to pick the crowdiest day to go!

We had a really big group this year that included the discord group, work friends, and Sketchtoonz friends!

Here are just a few! I ‘ve started taking more vertical shots and getting peoples heads in the top 3rd! so please enjoy these full body shots of Wilder, Max Jackie, and myself.

Lots of fun things to see and do this year, including a crazy red bird girl!

I got a shot at throwing knives and using a bow and arrow. The trick is to keep your elbow straight!

And Max got an enormous turkey leg!

Instead of jousting we took a break to hang out at the hookah lounge, here is Justin taking a big puff, and Melody making a lot of smoke!

Then it was time to meet some birds! Gen got to hang out with a little owl, and Max met a living breathing fighting falcon!

The Owl was too cute to not get a good close up!

A bird human also approached us and flapped her wings!

We briefly met up with Sam and Kari!

And we met Nikki, Maggie, Karli and Crystal too!

Max and Sam proved their strength and smashed a hammer, and hit a bell!

It was absolutely packed this year which is fine, but just once I would like to go when it is slightly less crowded and doesn’t take 45 minutes to park.

Afterwards we all got Tacos and margaritas!