Burbank Historical Society Museum

Open only on Saturdays and Sundays, the Burbank Historical Society Museum is a unique collection of Burbank and Americana artifacts from the history of this towns rich past, both in film, aviation, and culture. But most importantly, they have PLANES! and cool Lockheed artifacts!

The Burbank F-104 starfighter waits in its rocket take off assisted state, ready to be launched in the air like an ICBM themed lawn dart.

My DSLR Was able to catch a lot more detail than film camera, so please enjoy the spirit of Burbank up close

Inside they have cool vintage cars and some history of Burbank’s fire station and some cool local politics!

And here we have a fine selection of Lockheed models! My favorite being the Super Constellation! Of course the B-1 in light color scheme is very nice as well!

And of course the thing that Burbank is most famous for! FILM REELS!

There is way more than pictured here, I highly recommend checking it out if your a fan of Burbank! and its FREEEEE!