Sitting in a Park, Under Direct Sunlight, Subject to Noise.

Every month or so, a bunch of hipsters hang out at Elysian park to listen to weird noises that they make in they’re ADU’s. We had the privilege of attending this event, and sitting in the mass of contemporary hippies. It felt a bit like a tiny woodstock, except more electric, ironic and lazy.

Here was our group, We tried to position ourselves into a spot that would eventually be covered in shade. But for quite some time we were just baking in the sun. Chloe brought a cool sandwich container that was all steel, And I got this cool half shot of justin.

The actual event is not worth talking about. There were no bands, and it wasn’t really music. Just occasionally someone would take over the speakers and play around with circuit boards and turntables to produce something called a “noise scape”. One girl did play the flute, and there was a guitarist. But for the most part it felt like a Yoko Ono’s esque deconstruction of an outdoor concert.

I think it was largely an excuse to get sun baked, while getting stone baked.

We sat next to a dog, and here is justin having a good laugh at the whole ordeal.

Interestingly I was not the only person with a film camera, My friend Rezza was there with a whole group of 35mm folks, there were even a couple people with Leica M6’s!

Afterwards chloe took our sunburnt bodies to Burbank where we got ice cream at the Fosters Freeze.