WGA And Animation Guild Picket Together!

The Animation Guild (and every other Hollywood guild) is in full support of the writer strike. So today we went down to Disney to walk around in direct sunlight and let the passing cars honk at us.

So this group is actually ALL animators! “The Animation Guild” or TAG for short came out in droves to support the writers.

We walked around the sidewalks. and held up some hand made signs. I actually was not prepared with a sign, but I did bring my Sony A6400 so I could document the events!

Here you can see our vice president Teri leading us nerds across the street. and our theme was orange and blue. I tried to enhance the colors a little bit in Lightroom to really draw out the contrasting colors, and mute the other tones.

Here’s a close up of the big ol’ group of us. It was a really bright day, But I think the camera did a nice job of not blowing out the highlights. I shot at f2.8 today for all of this, but I think the focus would be a bit sharper if I did it at like f8 or something. So I will try that next time.

Then After the picketing, we all got ice cream from a truck! and a cool motorcycle drove by!