Whale Watching in Long Beach!

I went whale watching today with my friend Santana! I haven’t been since I was a kid! And we were lucky enough to see a BLUE WHALE!

I never really thought I’d see one! but there was a few of them off the coast of Catalina. They didn’t jump out of the water or show they’re tails or anything so the pictures aren’t too exciting. But they were there!

We took off from the Port of Long beach near the Battleship Iowa! Here she is looking gorgeous next to the cruise line!

Then we set sail through the harbor!

We passed some cool looking cranes and big container ships!

Once we got past this super cool looking light house, we were finally out at sea!

We also saw two fin whales! They puffed some air a few times, and then deep dove away from us! haha I don’t think these fellows liked our boat that much!

We were only out with the whales for a short time before we had to head back. It was wonderful being out on the open ocean, I really loved the way the boat rocks. Also here is Santana looking at the lighthouse!