Comic Con 2023

If your a mega media conglomerate and you wish you extract as much cash as possible out of a densely packed group of nerds, there is no better place than the San Diego Convention Center! This year I went down to San Diego Comic Con to check out the Rick and Morty panel, and gawk at the ever increasing line size.

My favorite part is the stuff out side. I loved the giant Planet Express building!

The line to get into the Hulu/Futurama experience was over three hours!

Adult Swim on the green was also there, and I got quick entry into that thankfully because I work on Rick and Morty.

I tried to ride the hotdog and fell off very quickly!

Luckily there is no line to hang out at the harbor or look at the trains! And there are some really nice hotels you can hang out in instead of trying to navigate the packed convention floor.

I love the architecture around here. You can walk to all the hotels super easily. And there are lots of palm trees.

There is also a bit of nightlife too! i went with my friends Santana and Luke to a 90’s nickelodeon themed party!

And as always there are lots of cool costumes to spot walking around!

The Rick and Morty panel also went over well. This year we finally had some artists on stage instead of the usual voice actors. Which is fitting since we work on the show a lot more than they do.