Masquerade Party in Silverlake

My friend’s Ilana and Rose rented a mid century house for a big fancy party in Silverlake last weekend. We all dressed up to the 9’s and put on masks for this very exquisite gathering. I did not bring my camera how ever there were several disposable Fujifilm’s provided. So please enjoy these flash photos that we took.

The house was all wood with really cool books and old props every where. it made it sort of look like mad men party.

Some people brought their own masks, but there was also a big box of amazon masks for those who forgot.

I was quite surprised with quality of these images. I saw the the cameras were locked to f22, so it seemed to mostly get every one in focus with out much trouble. and the film responded well to the huge battery powered flash. it did make us all glow which I’m not sure is a product of the flash or the tiny plastic’y lens on the camera.

Here’s me chilling in what I believe is a real Eam’s chair!

And here are the two birthday girls at various points in the evening!