Mt Wilson Observatory

This past weekend I went to the Mt wilson observatory with my friend Lorelei. We both took our cameras, She took her Pentax medium format digital, and I brought my new Canon AE-1P with a brand new 50mm F1.4!

The tall structure here is the Solar observatory, which they still use for looking at the sun!

Here is the big 100 inch telescope! we got to go inside and see where Einstein and Hubble would hang out. Hubble discovered that there were other galaxies while he was here!

Here are some more cool radio towers.

Here are some of the Chara Array Telescopes, there are like 6 of them and they send light through big tubes to the beam combining lab. Feels straight outa half life. I hope they don’t start a resonance cascade.

We also checked out the surrounding hills and little hikes. Here is Lorelei looking for plants to shoot. And I finally got a good picture of my focus, I’ve never actually tried to photograph it before. so here it is in all its red glory.