LightBox Expo 2023

Its that time of Year again! Light box is here. This time I didn’t really stay too long, but I did take my film camera and my new 50mm lens for some indoor stuff.

It was very crowded this year! and I think its only getting bigger,

Here are a few photos of the exterior, and max buying a book on character design.

For the first time ever I attended a panel, which was a Robot Life drawing session! we drew this fully animatronic wall-e! He could move around and grab things! He even made noise!

There was an Eve too! but I guess she was in human form, It was kind of funny actually, some students were too individuated by the prospect of drawing the robot, they just drew the model instead. I guess peoples animosity towards mechanical objects is the reason I’m still employed.

We also went skating in the evening, so here is Loraine and one other artist, who’s name I cannot remember.